Why sell on Towster?

Put your loyalty points to use. Whether they’re about to expire, or you’re in a surplus, Towster is a way to get paid for using your points.

We’re looking after you

Buyer payments are held prior to you redeeming product, securing the transaction, and guaranteeing your payout upon completion of the order.

Selling in a few steps

Loyalty Programs

Become a Seller September 28, 2020

Qantas Frequent Flyers

Together with our amazing Sellers, Towster opens the Qantas Rewards Store to shoppers without a Qantas Frequent Flyer account or loyalty points. That’s discounts on over +8000 products through the Qantas experience.

Become a Seller September 28, 2020

Velocity Frequent Flyers

We launched with Velocity Frequent Flyers as our first integrated loyalty program. As soon as Velocity begins operating again, we plan to resume this support.

Moneys made simple

Moneys made simple

Product prices and discounts are predetermined

This keeps value fair for sellers while offering great prices for customers.

Fair fees

There are no fees to sign up. Towster generally charges a 10% service fee on each order fulfilled. This means we only get paid when you do.

Get paid quickly

Once an order is verified and completed, we pay you directly into your connected bank account via direct deposit.

About Towster

Towster is a marketplace where people connect to buy and resell loyalty rewards at amazing prices. The community relies on sellers who use their loyalty points to purchase rewards on behalf of paying customers.